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    Wealth set up in Singapore in 2003. In early 2006 Wealth moved into China and set its headquarter in Xiamen. In the same year it set up its offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Luoyang and Taiwan etc. Wealth reached strategic partnership with several HR agencies in Silicon Valley and was appointed as talent service agency by Central Torch Committee. It has made a good contribution to economic constructions. The enterprises Wealth has serviced add up to 1800, personnel dispatch 10,000 persons , providing employments for remote mountain and undeveloped areas 40,000. Wealth strictly adheres to the commitment that " providing high quality service for talents and students and never asking a penny for that" and "helping enterprises solve talent shortage and lead them to success. Wealth has been appointed as the best and most professional talent service agency by government in West Coast district. The agency has ranked the top 20 Chinese Human Resource agencies among thousands of peers in 2009 for its strength and influence.
Wealth who is a professional talent operating agency owns the first-class talent bank in the whole vocation.It has established several wel-known websites by itself like: xmlietou.com, fjlietou.com, gdlietou.com and xmlw.net. As of its establishment Wealth is in the pursuit of technical innovation under s strong and scientific talent verification mechanism, and is providing "identification policy and credible" talents, personnel dispatch and business outsourcing services for enterprises and talents. Up to now over 300,000 talents work as manager, officer, general manager in such vocations as managing, marketing, investing, technology, finance, HR.
    The corporation provides services for fast-developed large scale enterprise in professional, focusing and concentrating principle. Its business covers headhunting, labour dispatch, HR outsourcing, personnel agency and other recommending services. Wealth has won the approval of the market and customers by its "honesty, responsibility, fraternity and service", strictly adheres to its commitment "leading outstanding talents and enterprises to success and striving for making the country powerful and the people rich", and commits to vision of "letting every enterprise have the talents who Wealth hunts. Wealth has got a good development, formed a strategic situation toward the state and Asia, and is gradually growing to be the most influential talent chain agency

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