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Address: Room 304, Kingtop Building B (Second Stage Building, Software Zone), No.1819, Lvling Road, Siming Distrtict, Xiamen City
Linkman: Mike
E-mail us and enclose your resume: zhaopin@weshr.cn
Bus lines:
1. Take bus No.28, No.29, No.38, No.39, No.47, No.88, No.98 to Software Zone stop, and walk one stop or take bus No.38, No.88 to Eastern Second Gate.
2. Take bus No.5, No.526, No.518 to San'an Optoelectronics stop and walk along Lvling Road for one stop.
3. Take BRT L3 to Qianpu and then take L27 to Software Zone,walk one stop to  Eastern Second Gate.

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