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      The professional profession plan evaluates 【2010-11-8】
      Professional to functional testing 【2010-11-8】
      The occupation evaluation introduces 【2010-11-8】
      Talent functional testing 【2010-11-8】
      What you suitable to do to work? 【2010-11-8】
      Your adaptiveness is strong? 【2010-11-8】
      You are good at arousing subordinate's enthusiasm? 【2010-11-8】
      Inventorying: University student easiest seat of honor eight big post 【2010-11-5】
      High school record staff's management skill 【2010-11-5】
      The human resources outsourcing soon enters explosion stroke 【2010-11-5】
      “lazy ant effect” to enterprise talented person employment advertise enlightenment 【2010-11-5】
      China in 2011 the salary tendency very optimistic raising in salary scope will surpass 8% 【2010-11-5】
      In September the children health insurance merges in hospital medical insurance 【2010-11-5】
      8 good customs scold zha work place 【2010-11-5】
      how "Work Law of contract" under the background does the worker protect oneself 【2010-11-5】
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