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  No.:RC00000663     Updated:    Talent type:Full-time    Number:2956
Name: Mr. liu Age: 41
Sec: Men Date of birth: 1982-7-12
Education: MBA Marital : Married
Professional: Computer application Graduate College: Shenyang air industr
Located: xiamen Graduation of time: 2006
Work experience: 4 Date available: Now
Nature of work: Full-time Salary: Negotiable
Expect position: 0    

  Education/training experience

  in March, 2008 Beijing some natural language processing knowledge company researches and develops engineer until now

  Job skills/expertise

   Individual skill: 1st, masters the natural language processing related elementary knowledge skilled, grasps the participle skilled, the naming topic recognition and the classified cluster and so on commonly used algorithm, has the large-scale data processing to experience 2, can use skilled opens the source tool build to test the platform as well as the improvement work existing, has built the linux statistics machine translation platform, crf and the biggest entropy system tests the platform, as well as lucene searches the platform 3, to grasp the c, c++ programming skilled, the familiar stl, boost storehouse, grasps the construction of data related algorithm skilled, familiar java, perl, python language


  I am an open and bright person, likes the badminton, movements and so on picnic; Deeply loves the search engine profession, has good accepts the new thing and the challenge spirit; Has certain project development managerial experience and the good team spirit.


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