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  No.:RC00000670     Updated:    Talent type:Full-time    Number:2941
Name: Mr. liu Age: 45
Sec: Men Date of birth: 1978-8-9
Education: MBA Marital : Unmarried
Professional: Environmental scienc Graduate College: Anhui university
Located: xiamen Graduation of time: 2009/06
Work experience: 3 Date available: Now
Nature of work: Full-time Salary: Negotiable
Expect position:    

  Education/training experience

  The education experiences 2006/09 -- 2009/06: Anhui University | Environmental science | Master 2002/09 -- 2006/06: Jinan University | Biological technology | Undergraduate course

  Job skills/expertise

   The university period study biological technology specialty, has studied the ordinary biology, the biochemistry, the molecular biology, the cytobiology and so on specialized theory curriculum, and has studied the biochemistry isolation analysis technology (gel filtration chromatographic analysis, compatible chromatographic analysis, ionic exchange chromatographic analysis, HPLC and so on), the molecular biology experiment technology (PCR, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and so on), the microorganism experiment technology (microorganism's raise and separates, aseptic technique, tissue culture and so on) and so on experiments operate.


  Learning capability, some endurances can insist, in school period participates in the school activity positively, has the team spirit.


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