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Hunts for work flow

        Author: Hunts for net
        How hunts for is to complete entire “hunts for” the process? Hunts for head's work flow is what kind of? Perhaps many people compare to this question are interested. Generally speaking, compared with complete hunts for the work flow, below mainly divides into six great steps:
       Step one: Analysis, appraisal customer demand
       For to the customer enterprise culture, historical, the product, the management style has the thorough understanding, hunts for to carry on fully, the effective communication with the customer, and carries on the analysis together with the customer to the vacancy post, summarizes this post responsibility, the assignment qualifications and the corresponding salary standard.
       Step two: Draws up and implements search plan
       According to hunts for to locate the profession profound understanding to the customer, the union post specific request, for each vacancy post making detailed search plan, rests on searches for the plan, the use hunts for the huge candidate database, with the various professions related organization and public figure's network relations, relies on the special skill, has the contact to each potential candidate.
       Step three: Screens candidate
       the candidate information which all contacts carries on the analysis, the filtration, including candidate's post present situation, communication ability, leaves job the possibility and the motive, the salary standard and so on, screens conforms to the request candidate basically, and arranges the interview.
      Step four: The interview, appraises candidate
      Carries on the interview for this reason specially based on the post establishment's evaluation target to the candidate, mainly evaluates candidate's disposition, the managed capacity, the specialized knowledge and the skill, the work achievement, the strong point and the insufficiency, leaves job the reason and so on, carries on the quality synthetic evaluation to the candidate.
      Step five: Recommends the candidate and arranges to interview
      Will have appraised the candidate synthesizes the information to provide to the customer, arranges the candidate and the customer according to the customer request speaks face-to-face, assists both sides on to hire the condition to carry on the effective communication specifically.
      Step six: The consultation and the successor serve
      To the candidate who hires is provided the resignation aspect the human affairs consultation and the help, maintains uninterrupted contacting with the customer, the difficulty which and the barrier possibly assists both sides to solve probation period period meets, guaranteed that the candidate tests successfully, lets both sides think that is satisfied.
      Hunts for the charge way to decipher
      Hunts for the charge way is the enterprise chooses hunts for an organization and hunts for tool's important reference factor, therefore how hunts for to collect fees is the numerous enterprises compares the issue of concern.
      Hunts for the organization quite universal charge way on the nowadays saying that hunts for the charge way mainly to have the following four forms:
      First, is according to looks for the object yearly salary 1/3 is the standard collection, this yearly salary should include its one year basic salary, the bonus (including red package, to deduct a percentage and so on), the related welfare fund and so on, this is also at present the most universal charge way.
      Second, some head-hunting companies except stipulated 1/3 yearly salary to hunt for outside the charging criterion also to define that a lowest volume, understood, even if the service fee according to seeks out the personnel yearly salary 1/3 is the charging criterion, but when this value is smaller than the lowest quota, hunts for an organization take the lowest quota as the standard to carry on the service charge.
      Third, is also the quite common charge way, namely according to fixed cost collection, this fixture when request consults after both sides decides, i.e. hunts for the charge actual amount to discuss by both sides.
      Fourth, add the extra charge according to the basic service fee the way collection, namely when request agreement, besides the stipulation fixed service fee, simultaneously agrees such as seeks out expenses and so on travel expense, this charge way are many when the cross region seeks out uses.
      Hunts for guild regulations
      As the saying goes, the state-owned law of the land, the family has the family rule. Hunts for a profession not to be exceptional, it has own guild regulations, below specifically speaking, nowadays hunts for a profession to have five big guild regulations:
     One. Security guild regulations
      he security, is the achievement hunts for personnel's necessary professional general knowledge and the professional personal integrity, also hunts for the organization most important profession rule. Generally speaking, hunts for an organization to be able to formulate the following procedure to be auxiliary the rule?of?confidentiality? the execution:
      1, does not let other people understanding or knows the information, never told other people (not to say);
      2, everything do not allow other people in written to see, uses the code number (not to write) completely;
      3, talented person databases must have the encryption procedure, and grasps by the specialist with the control (not dew);
      Two. Agreement guild regulations
      Whether are the agreement guild regulations hunt for the service smooth development an important content. Everybody understood, the verbal statements are no guarantee, draws up a document basis according to, this in hunts for in a service is must do. Moreover also to argue vigorously in the possible situation requests the legal person to propose personally about seeks out talented person's standard and the condition, like the position description, the salary standard, the working condition, the assignment qualifications and so on must presently come out in the writing upper body, thus for following hunts for the grade of service whether to attain a designated standard the formulation to have the legal potency standard. Therefore is hunting for a profession to have “does not see the legal person, does not sign the agreement”, “not to sign the contract, does not make the service” the view.
      Three. Protection rule
      The protection rule is a specialized head-hunting company for the expression for the customer the respect with is responsible, but must observe the profession rule, this aspect mainly manifests in two points: First, the talented person delivers specially; Second, does not dig the customer.
      So-called “the talented person delivers specially”, refers to the head-hunting company when provides the candidate to the customer the material, can only recommend to one, but cannot at the same time a candidate's material to many recommendations. This is one kind to the customer responsible procedure. But “does not dig the customer”, refers to some Employer, once the request hunter, and has hired the hunter talent, this time namely becomes this head-hunting company the customer. But uses the talented person regarding the customer, the head-hunting company cannot dig again in the agreement age limit from here. If some head-hunting companies have one year time to the customer, two year time, three year time not to dig person's pledge from the interior are this kind of guild regulations manifestations.
       Four. Satisfactory rule
      The satisfactory rule is also called the exchange guaranteed rule, is refers to the head-hunting company the talented person who provides for the customer to let the customer be satisfied, when the customer is unsatisfied, hunts for an organization to need to send the new talented person. Therefore, when the customer proposes not satisfied after the candidate, the head-hunting company will immediately start the new round search work, until found the new satisfied candidate for the customer. Certainly, in view of satisfaction principle, hunts for an organization also to have an exchange guaranteed deadline, generally speaking, the exchange guaranteed time and talented person's probation period is the same, most does not surpass for three months.
      Five. Legitimate principle
      Regarding a head-hunting company whether long-lived, besides strict observance prestige, quality of certified level, but also one item is observes law and discipline. For instance, how to defer to the national related laws and regulations to carry on the operation; How for customer security; How to solve the talented person collective to change job; How to help the candidate to withdraw from the parent unit legitimately, these request the head-hunting company in the operation process to under the national relevant law, the related personnel policy carry on the service strictly. Therefore, hunts for the organization jobholders' legal idea to be specially strong, moreover knows very well "Law of enterprise", "Law of corporation", "Labor law", the local human resources pool rule and the related personnel policy and so on, thus by this guaranteed that “hunts for” the motion legitimately effective.
      "Hunting" tool
       Why the enterprise can't complete does the duty, hunt for an organization actually to be able to complete, what special tool hunts for an organization to have? The reason that hunts for an organization to be able to complete the task which the enterprise cannot complete, its essential reason also lies in hunts for an organization to have own uniqueness “to hunt for” the tool, below specifically speaking, hunts for an organization to have five big unique    “hunts for” the tool:
       1. database: Generally speaking the head-hunting company has own talented person database, once has the customer to propose when “hunts for” the request, the head-hunting company first choice own talented person database, will inspect inside the talented person database whether to have conforms to the talented person who the customer will need, may such say, the talented person database hunts for an organization “will hunt for” the first choice tool.
       2. network: Some head-hunting companies will also collect the talented person through the visit well-known company website way. If visits the well-known company main page to search for this company responsible staffs' name and the relation method, thus expands own talented person database. Certainly, in the talented person scarce situation, many companies can adopt the security to the essential personnel's information the policy, therefore this way's successful probability is not high, hunts for an organization also to use quite few.
      3. telephone: Although the telephone is not hunts for an organization to search for talented person's important tool, but whether is it hunts for an organization to realize the content valid the important tool. For instance, when after the head-hunting company gained the intermediate and senior talented person's contact method, will carry on 11 inquiries and the track through the telephone communication way, thus guaranteed will grasp the information can realize the benefit and the value transformation.
      4. individual relational circle: The personal connection network hunts for an organization to carry on the important tool which the talented person searches, often some position's candidate passes through in the circle the friend recommends comes. Therefore, the nowadays is employed the hunter to pay great attention to attend each kind of specification high specialized forum, the lecture as well as each kind of cocktail party generally and so on, thus constructs own personal connection network through these human relations way, for later “hunts for” the motion creation convenient condition.
       5. specialized human resources management knowledge: A qualified hunter has the quite thorough research generally to human resources management or has the quite rich actual combat experience, is good at operating the professional profession plan, the occupation evaluation particularly and so on concrete module, because this is the hunter carries on the communication with “the game” the capital, also whether is the hunter to obtain “the game” the approval important tool.

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