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Which enterprises should choose the head-hunting company?

         Is very difficult in the human resource flow market the talented person who saw. Generally speaking, these difficult to see the talented people are the specialization are very strong, the employment history is quite rich moreover did not worry works the talented person, such talented person can only generally through the acquaintance, the friend, family member's introduction and the head-hunting company recommendation is willing to seek for the new operating post. Such talented person is very difficult to look for the enterprise relation on own initiative, therefore the enterprise is very difficult the special talent who found rarely these, difficult to see. Only could choose the head-hunting company to find them.
         Demand position very urgent enterprise. The good talented person, entrusts with an important task finally through the employment advertise requires long time the process. But regarding a new project, the new service launches is quite quick, guaranteed that enterprise's commercial program was not discovered by the match, to high level talent demand quite anxious enterprise. Perhaps you need the candidate head-hunting company is waiting for your summoning!
         Demand localization very high-level enterprise. A lion leads a sheep to be able to defeat crowd of lions which a bellwether leads, emphasized the leadership importance fully. To high level talent's localization common enterprise very difficult assurance, to need the very prudent choice, the enterprise sinks into the personnel not to be difficult frequently, doubts the human not to need to be also in a dilemma difficultly the situation, is more worried. Layer upon layer selects through the head-hunting company with the thorough human affairs investigation, lets these questions be solved sufficiently. 
        Cannot advertise for the position publicly the enterprise. The head-hunting company develops the service is only generally responsible for the enterprise core leader, very good avoids the enterprise internal contradiction, because some positions are in incumbent have not left job, if advertises for publicly very possibly causes incumbent unstable (other unexpected situations to occur). Also had the possibility not to be able to find through the public employment advertise compared to the incumbent better candidate, similarly will cause the incumbent position the candidate had the barrier.  
         Needs to introduce talented person's enterprise from the outside areas. Must guarantee that knows the human to make good use, each it only then should better choose the enough trust the head-hunting company to do. 
         Through advertised for publicly many times, has exhausted each employment advertise method, but could not advertise for to satisfies talented person's enterprise. 

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