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When interview, don't original work cleverness in trivial matters

        Some advertises for the scene, some company is carrying on the last round to ten job seeker the interview: 
       “you thought that what shortcoming you do have?”The head proctor asks a surname Deng suddenly the job seeker. “I work too invest, others said that I am the workaholic.”Mr. Deng did not ponder that then blurted out. The head proctor smiled: “work investment, but the merit, you said your shortcoming.”Mr. Deng had still not realized in the examination official manner the slight change, talks endlessly quite contentedly: “I am a garden balsam seed, the manner am old-fashioned, also good insists the principle, therefore easy to queer. Moreover, I ......” the examination official “hey” the sound, the face has also assumed disgruntledly, as soon as the hand wielded, has terminated the question. 
        Mr. Deng seeks employment the result is self-evident: Some who will like one thinking oneself clever, playing the slippery fellow the person? 
        Also some piece seeks employment the story: Some Tristar hotel incurs a security minister. At that time, responded to a call for recruits in more than 30 people, had the Police school graduate, to have the veteran, also to have the university student. Finally being selected is actually one only has the high school diploma appearance not outstanding Henan nationality youth. Why do some people ask, mister said: “I like him being honest!”Originally, mister in that pile is clamping several false diplomas, in the cover story application letters, has discovered this only then the high school diploma young fellow. After making an appointment with the conversation, this simple simple and honest job seeker has made the good impression to mister. Mister passed through again investigates both openly and secretly, confirmed his moral behavior good only then hired. 
        Often said: “the gold does not have the pure gold, the human does not have the complete human.”The above two pieces inspire us: The life sets up the world honestly is a book. Honest will bring the good luck finally. Thinks oneself clever “talks into intentionally the merit the shortcoming”, depending on hides false conceals itself after “attractively” the skill, not only appears is sly, is false, moreover must be annoys the human to be repugnant. In fact, disclosed suitably own shortcoming, face up to itself, the examination official often very much appreciates. Therefore, the wise said that - - the honesty wins. This words are not false! 

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