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Hunts for the profession specialized term “to call CC”

        “call CC” - “CC " the literal translation is the cold telephone, is " cold call " the abbreviation, the meaning is for did not know that actually has the possibility is the latent customer person telephones. He is hunts for the service industry the special-purpose terminology. 
        “call CC " is each hunts for the head to cross the threshold must pass through the process, also hunts for consultant's basic skills, regardless of being the new person or really hunts for to maintain one call CC the custom, guarantees the working efficiency. At the same time, “call CC " is also tests individual ability, to be fastidious about the skill specially the link. Many head-hunting companies have themselves huge, but database, but " call CC " to take one traditional the gain information channel to have its unsubstitutive superiority as before.
1, mentality
        The new person " will call CC " to be unavoidably anxious, in reverential awe, before hitting, always unceasing will worry can occur the situation, how oneself should deal, actually only will be in supposes the barrier for oneself. But also many new people very easy to bypass the onstage to find the goal candidate, its reason was they “the newborn calf did not fear that the tiger” in the heart not that many worries and the worry, harbored one kind of dauntless point of view to make this phone call. 
2, prepare
        “call CC " to want the bold yet cautious face to be thick-skinned. Before motion certainly must understand that the clear opposite party's disposition characteristic then can act appropriately to the situation, the preliminary information collection work must certainly complete, does fully, like this can increase the success ratio. before “call CC ", must clarify the first employment advertise side company profile, its competitor, related profession information, analysis employment advertise position. Then the lock onto target candidate comes " to call CC again ".
Three, exchange
        After goal candidate's between telephone connection certainly must come to determine its status once more first, did not have the question, then introduced itself to opposite party, the definite opposite party speaks the telephone now to be whether convenient. Afterward, the synopsis has assigned transmits the position information for the candidate. If communicates for the first time, then should better not disclose excessively many about the Employment advertise Unit and own unit information. If the candidate proposed to us the position has the interest, that must as far as possible understand candidate's information, including his present's position, work responsibility, being employed age limit, specialized ability as well as in company's organizational structure. And wants opposite party personal contact method, and makes an appointment the next time communication time. And, must strive for in the entire telephone process to lead as far as possible.
4th, formulation timetable
         Formulation duty timetable, both promotes own work, what time relation candidate talented person and can be clear about itself to be quite appropriate, generally speaking, telephones to look for person's time, should better be 9:00 am to 10 o'clock, or 2:00 pm to 4 o'clock; 
        Has again in view of the different customer has the different time, for example: Accountant
        most is busy is the beginning of the month and the end of the month, is not suitable contacts; Dr.
       most is busy is the morning, the wet weather is quite idle;
       sales personnels idlest day is the hot days, the rainy day or the cold season, after before or 9:00 am, 4:00 pm;
       administrative personnel: after 10:30, to 3:00 pm busiest;
       stock profession: Busiest is the opening time;
       bank: after 10 spot first 4 o'clock;
       Official: The most suitable time is the work hours, but do not and gets off work before the lunch;
       bustles about senior official: Before should better be 8 o'clock, before namely secretary goes to work.
       the successful public figure most is the ahead of time goes to work, also is quite evening late gets off work. 
5th, speech manner
      Telephone's goal is the communication, must therefore certainly be slow, wants the enunciation to be clear, must be able to let opposite party understand that you were in say anything, but in the specific situation, for instance the onstage entanglement, the candidate was not willing to talk gets down, when this kind spoke must speed up slightly. In brief a few words, need to foster own style gradually. In although the telephone opposite party does not look at our expression, but must maintain the smiling face as before, your happy expression can infect opposite party.

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