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In real life evil spirit beastly occupation distribution

        The capitalist society is born the thing, the nature and the capital society have the relation very much. Capitalism has 3 occupations is each wants to live the spot people to contact:
        1, lawyers
        2nd, economist, or Accountant
Three, doctors
1 life in capital society's people, if has this 3 big occupation protection, that may feel relieved dps: Is the life without cause for grief meaning. But these 3 occupations and the evil spirit beastly world's hard 3 jiao have astonishing similar.
        Attorney: MT! Tank
        Capitalism is the system and the law society. China is the human nature society, this is dissimilar. You the aspects legal matter needs to face in the capital society, regarding right, responsibility, voluntary solution, if does not have Niu Bi mt to go against to you, absorbs the injury for you, that no mixed. On the court must have attorney, as for this Attorney tank your level is the software problem. In brief he uses for to go against strangely.
        Economist, accountant: Master
        The evil spirit beastly world is the black magic world. Then grasped the black magic the most typical occupation is master. The capital society is the money society, then grasps the human who the money mystery naturally studies the economy! Said a dot tube finance the human is responsible for a group or a family's economical disbursement bill, said that the big 0.1 economical scholar team is a national economical direction works wholeheartedly.  Master the black magic has not been the waste; Capital society not money on waste; Regarding 1 company foundation economist yearly salary at least in 1,000,000!! Direct and the money intimate contact's economist and simultaneously is undertaking each world important force root directly with black magic contact's master, multi-cows!!!
        Doctor: Adds the blood, pastor
        Must say that what rich most fears? Certainly is fears death! Lived can spend, dies the sun-dried shelled shrimp not to have. Therefore looks for a pastor or asks a doctor to have the matter to be all right for Canada guaranteed that hp normal and safe is under each capital society people's aspiration. Exited to tamper with sickness, for instance HIV, HBV, doctor very quick will not have been gone against for the supplement life value by dot dies.
        The evil spirit beast indeed is together the rich philosophy game. What a pity! Plays the evil spirit beast the person to be many, understands evil spirit beast's few, reconsiders its existence value, that were less.
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