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Processes in the professional profession three kind of people

        Many year work get down, I summarize in yours professional status, has three different type people. But how at appropriate time looks for the appropriate person is the question which is worth pondering well, as long as because has not grasped this answer the human, the life is probably the snafu.
        The first type is the friend who may play blindly together, this kind of person you meets the first time to think, moreover is the mutual appreciation which is from heart.
        Is the second kind, some you are willing the human who works together as colleagues with them. They are not the close friends. But if you must solve some problems, they are your team's the only candidate. They are can in the correct time with the correct method group of people who does the matter decides.  Must make a simple comparison in here me, because above 2 type person, if the energy region does not separate, will then have some nonessential trouble.
        Somebody another interest is congenial friend, therefore they thought works together as colleagues together the words should be able relaxed and easy to communicate. How long you but won't need to discover that this friend will be what kind of person. Possibly he works the dragging, possibly works cannot meet your requirements and so on.
        But he is your friend. Then you must make to decide:
        How tells the friend not to reach the request directly to need to improve, frontage solution, but did this often means the conclusion friendship.
        Continues to let the friend work, then this makes a mistake whether to affect to future development must think you at present the work concrete condition.
       Stops their work and embraces all thing entire, but this procedure is often following own indignation.
       Certainly, type's person is the above two kind of marriages last. You like them, and is willing to work together as colleagues with them. They are utterly loyal the duty in the work, time the work may also communicate mutually.
       The above three type's people in yours professional body border actor's important role, respectively have the use. But displays its use the key is you must understand that what type distinguishes clearly between you and them is in the relations.
       If plays the friend not to be able to achieve you to request, do not ask them to work together.
       Do not invite to work together exits to play insanely together, specially do not play some to think the awkward matter in the work.
       If may the leisure work the object which concurrently results, then treasures them well, because such person are not really many.
       Clearly recognized that individual or the work place interpersonal relationship's superior inferiority is the extremely important matter, with these promotion work development or the interpersonal relationship development's person cooperation, the very great degree will reduce the time which you will hate bitterly.

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