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Graduating lives looks for the work the helpless


        Also arrives at the graduation to look for the work the time interval, the other day, graduating lived seeks employment in the net forum, a crowd of seeking employment student air-dried oneself bitter experience in abundance or hears “most Lei Ren to seek employment the experience”. The card issued that only two days, the click quantity has achieved 60,000 many times, on everybody's receipt surface is interesting seeks employment the experience in the share, behind actually has many feeling sad.

        Harshest request: The non-four big well-known colleges and universities graduation exempts discusses

        The card title is evaluates 2010 campuses to advertise for it “”, as soon as passes through pastes, some person of receipts, narrated that encounters “the most naked discrimination”, said that a company's job listing marks in the school record request “only limits Qinghua, Beijing University, the second dawn, the Jiaotong University four schools”, seeks employment the overwhelming majority the student to keep them out all of a sudden.

         Longest interview standby period: 12 hour

         A student said that when he participates in the enterprise's 2nd round interview, 6 spots when had not been one's turn from 2:00 pm, side a student to the employment advertise complaint, actually hears opposite party one to disdain: “your this calculates anything, some schoolmates have waited yesterday also for 12 hours!”The shall be grateful as a personal favor person also has many with this schoolmate, the expenditure quite a while even one day of waiting interview being not infrequent.

        Most has the talent to screen the resume the method: Will not choose luck not good person

        HR: We will receive the resume to discard half immediately, our employment advertise idea will be we will not choose the luck not good person 

        The most Lei Ren enterprise propagandizes the video frequency: The enterprise shape photograph becomes love action movie

        Some real estate company did the speaking couple days ago in Tianjin some university, during broadcasts the enterprise vivid promotional film (this again normal), the school hardware is good, what with is that kind of very big projection screen, moreover is two. Has had in this link cup, the company is responsible to broadcast the video frequency that HR estimate was muddleheaded, puts is the Japanese love action movie unexpectedly. Works as the company boss's surface, is working as several hundreds are coming the responding to a call for recruits student's surface is really the tableware (tragedy).

        Quickest rejection letter: Just submitted Shanghai to do as you please is refused

        When applies for China some industrial group, I spent about 3 hours only then to complete earnestly laboriously contain pile of open question the net Shanghai, just submitted, I saw in own mailbox had the new mail, thought that should be the system confirmation letter, as soon as opened looked that unexpectedly comes from his family's rejection letter!

        Most generous surface examination official: I gave you one Yuan to be good!

        A friend interviews, finally lets him ask the question, he said: “can change the pocket money to me? I did not have one Yuan to go by car.”The surface examination official said: “I gave you one Yuan to be good.”

       Most Lei Ren refuses to sign the reason: Too short too fat does not want!

       Armor schoolmate 1.65 meters. HR: We install some places to be quite high, you possibly cannot reach, the resume brings back!

     Second grade schoolmate more than 180 catties. HR: Between we some installment's distance only then 0.7m, you possibly transfer do not pass away, the resume brings back!

       Most does not have the language net Shen Bitian item: Father's sex

       Can an enterprise's net Shanghai form fill on the item has “the father sex” unexpectedly the option, the father also has the female? 

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