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China plans with three year advancement Small business labor contract system


        From the human resources and social security's department news name, further implements and realizes "Work Law of contract", will promote the Small business construction harmonious stable work relations, building to be advantageous the good environment which will develop in the Small business, China will develop advances the Small business labor contract system implementation special action comprehensively, will plan realizes the Small business and the worker basically with 3 years signs the labor contract legally generally.
It is reported that this special action is for the purpose of insisting that defends the worker legitimate rights and interests with to promote the Small business to be also good quickly develops unifies, tries to enhance the Small business labor contract sign rate and the fulfillment quality, promotes the work employing labor management level gradually, impels the establishment standard order, fair reasonable, the mutual benefit win-win, the harmonious stable socialism new work relations. 
         Each region will strengthen to the Small business work employing labor dynamic supervision, strengthens the labor contract laws and regulations propaganda and training, strengthens implements the labor contract system's instruction and the service to the Small business, strengthens and assists to Small business's support, to strengthen the work supervision law enforcement and the labor dispute mediates the work. 
         Regarding the Small business, specially incurs with the peasant laborer proportion and the labor contract sign rate low enterprise, each region will instruct other staff to sign the labor contract legally greatly, continues to classify formulates and recommends the use standard, concise, the practical labor contract text, the guidance enterprise is practical according to the production operation and the staff consults the determination necessary provision.
         Each region will also establish prints and distributes the Small business work employing labor operation manual, the research formulates and promotes suits Small business's work rules and regulations formulation regulations and manifests the different profession characteristic the work rules and regulations demonstration text. 

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