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17 highly effective selection methods

        The major part company the method which widely adopts in the employment advertise process is the non-structurized interview, several interview personnel, include personnel department's manager and the human resources department enforcement agents generally, to the applicant proposed that a series of thought the important question (is mostly thinks temporarily), the recombination school record, the work experience, the style of speaking and the feeling form various people's judgment, then compiles the opinion to discuss, determination final selected candidate.  This method can elect to the human? Can, but can only elect to 20%, is similar with the drawing lots result. We must ponder the personnel select flow effective step and method.
         Selection flow five step
         These five steps may guarantee that you design the high grade selection procedure, avoided technically possibly presenting “the accidental injury” (to reject appropriate person) or “is mistaken” (elects mistakenly human), and could establish one to improve the selection effect continually the circulation.
         Step one: The analysis works
         Must first compose the work description and the position instruction booklet, and determines this position key indicator (KPI). Here must stipulate the competent work to individual quality and skill. For example, the candidate must have the combative nature? Whether to need the shorthand? The candidate must be able tiny, the trivial essential factor to organize? These requests are the test predictive operators, they ought to be able to forecast the individual work achievements the individual quality and the skill.  In the first step, but must define carries out the work standard successfully. The success standard may be the production related standard (Production-related criteria), like quantity, quality and so on; May also be the data, like absents from duty, the period of service and so on, or (supervisors and so on) judge.  The people often carefully choose the predictive operator, actually neglects chooses the good achievements standard, does this is a mistake. We will see in behind the talented person selection and the achievements inspection materially will be a work. The good achievements standard will not have caused the selection method the validity to sell at a discount greatly.
        Step two: Choice selection plan
        Then must choose, the design to be able to survey the predictive operator the test method. Surveys the different predictive operator, for example enterprising, the extroversion and digital ability and so on, need the different method and the tool. For example the assembly line operating post, the most effective test is Si Telong the Bergh agility test.  Each different selection method is different to the different target sensitive degree, the validity is also different, behind will introduce 17 kind of selection technologies in detail the applicable scope and the validity. We will combine the many tool survey different target frequently, finally will form a complete selection plan. 
         Step three: Implementation selection plan
         The management selection's personnel and the location are very important. Generally speaking, all candidates should under the same environment, select by the identical group the official to test. Moreover accepts the specialized training test personnel to be possible obviously to enhance the selection the validity, this is because trains encourages to interview the personnel to follow the optimized procedure, thus causes the possibility which the prejudice and the error appear to fall to is smallest.
         Step four: Relate in the selection result and the work achievements 
         The careful selection's goal is the staff who the hope could find the high achievements. After the staff enters the company or is transferred to a new post another new post, should continually trace his achievements level, and examines between the selection result and the actual achievements relations.
         We usually determine between the test score and the work achievements with the expectation chart the relevance. For example, to accepted Si Telong the Bergh agility test assembly line worker's statistics to indicate that was in the test score highest 1/5 group of person, some 97% possibility are evaluated for the high achievements, but was in the test score lowest 1/5 group of person, had 29% possibilities. This indicated that this test is     effective.
         Step five: Confirmation and improvement selection plan
         According to the step four, should the regular basis achievements monitor record confirmation and the revision selection plan, and makes the adjustment, causes company's selection validity to enhance continually.

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