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☆ lets the head-hunting company know itself ☆

        Similarly is the yearly salary 100,000 Yuan about starts, however after short 35 year pass, some people climb from the yearly salary 100,000 Yuan to 200,000 Yuan, again to 300,000 Yuan, 500,000 Yuan, but some people actually still front did not pace back and forth before 100,000 Yuan. , Hunts for head's function to have lasting achievements. However, why hunted for to choose part of people, but did not have choice some part of people?
        The yearly salary from 100,000 jumps to 500,000 secret
        First, own raises “the game”
     TOM said that hunts for consultant's experience looking from one, they select human who the object, is very much has the plan to own development, 100,000 Yuan to 500,000 Yuan spannings, does not look like 80,000 Yuan to rise to 100,000 Yuan, 120,000 Yuan such, this is a common manager to the professional manager's spanning, the difficulty speaking of most people are very big, this need person's careful preparation and the plan, not said in the work conscientious, allow nature to take its course can achieve.
        TOM believed that the key link, is a professional person must have the explicit development plan, is asking the 3 questions all the time in the work:
        1st, your future development plan any
        TOM said that many person's active statuses, are very busy all day, complete each kind of work passively, has not thought that the long-term plan, is drifting with the current with the market. The candidate who contacts every year from them, “is hunted for” by their institute is in some profession constant rise, from the assistant the talented person who assumes the perpendicularity development to manager, but is engaged to these the profession span is very big the human who, the position rise not big, assumes the flat development, then very little enters their field of vision.
        Will be clear about oneself future development plan, will be a manager develops first step, the present any will change job, training to center on this plan to launch throughout. TOM reminds, to these for merely present 20% or more wage change job, but did not consider career development the human, present's prospects for development will be getting more and more narrow.
        2nd, your professional disparity in where
        TOM said that 100,000 Yuan yearly salary human resources managers and 500,000 Yuan human resources inspector general, no matter says from individual angle or enterprise's angle, to their request is entirely different, this is a common manager and the professional manager's disparity. Says from individual angle, 100,000 Yuan and 500,000 Yuan yearly salary's posts, to individual experience, the skill and so on various set the different request.  For instance human resources inspector general, emphasizes management and innovation ability and so on human resources developmental strategy; But human resources manager stresses in enterprise's human resources assistance and the support. Says from the enterprise angle, to the different yearly salary's talented person, enterprise's expected value also has the very sweeping change. Moreover, the more position upward, the enterprise is higher to candidate's professional loyalty request.
        Therefore, had determined after own development plan, discovers itself in the skill, the management to be able and so on aspect disparities, is key one step which the manager promotes.
        3rd, which the atonement disparity do you need to challenge to work
        When had known after own disparity, must make up the insufficient place consciously in the work. TOM said that in the usual work, such opportunity are many, but many people have not realized.  For instance, attempts these to have the challenging work specially unceasingly, enriches own resume content; Undertakes some not to draw cash on own initiative, but are actually urgently needed the exercise the ability; Attempts different department work and so on, positively these are sharpen oneself working ability, the atonement disparity method. Certainly, usually has the plan to participate in some high-end the management and skill training, is also essential.
      Second, lets the head-hunting company know oneself
TOM suggested that after the manager has prepared for the skill and experience's, but must promote itself suitably, the time and the outside maintain the close relations, lets the outside understand that oneself, knows itself. Suitably to make public. Many manager, in the company interior possibly are “the good staff”, but because lacks contacting with the outside, outside hunts for consultant or company Gao Guan does not know itself, but has lost the good opportunity.
        Therefore, how does the candidate certainly want to learn with to hunt for to have to do, with hunts for consultant maintains very close contacting, when the opportunity approaches time can hold. From hunts for consultant's angle very much, TOM suggests the candidate: Knows the key character; The preparation and renews “the human who frequently needs to know” the name list; Do not wait till the time which you need only then considered that establishes your personal connection relations; Never wants “the hideaway” in the routine work.  Therefore, the candidate may demonstrate itself suitably through each kind of channel, gathers the place in the related profession to increase own to make public rate suitably frequently.
     If participates in the profession the forum, occasionally to publish the specialized article in the specialized magazine, or suitable accepts the media the interview and so on. TOM said that in theirs work, even if is which kind of enterprise staff's CASE which the customer assigns to dig, they first also will carry on the search through the search engine, for instance someone company's Chief Financial Officer, someone company's Chief Sales Officer and so on, suitable to make public greatly will therefore increase the head-hunting company to find your probability.

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