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“on only one day of class may also attain the compensatory payment”


       Origin: Labor network--"Work Noon Newspaper" 

The family was occupied by Dajing Village's Mr. Meng little while ago to respond to a call for recruits to a communications equipment company, only then just went to work for one day, the company proposed that must terminate an agreement with Mr. Meng.

       Mr. Meng believed that he has not violated company any stipulation, and terminates an agreement with is also the company, because the internal operation question creates, then requests the company to pay to him is equal to one monthly salary compensatory payment. But the company only then works take Mr. Meng for one day as by to refuse to pay. Then, Mr. Meng whether to be authorized to request the company to pay the compensatory payment?

       The Lugouqiao Town judicature institute's judicial assistant explains: Although said that Mr. Meng has only gotten up one day of class, but the question leaves in the company aspect. Stipulated according to "Labor law", the labor contract works out when the situation has had the tremendous change, causes when the original labor contract is unable the fulfillment, if both sides are unable to change the labor contract, then the Employer terminates time the contract must pay the worker economical compensatory payment.

       The economical compensatory payment defers to operating time each full 1 year to issue is equal calculates in 1 monthly salary. If the operating time less than one year, issues the compensatory payment according to 1 year standard.

       Therefore, even if Mr. Meng has only gotten up one day of class, may also request the company to pay is equal to 1 monthly salary compensatory payment.

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