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8 good customs scold zha work place



         1. to be punctual. This is in the work place most important one item! Is punctual the turtle and is not punctual the rabbit makes the choice, boss likes, although slow, but punctually to a turtle.

         2. smile! Is longer much or is not good many is very important, more importantly has the ability; If the ability also does not have, that always smiles.

         3 respect does not like you the person. In the work place does not like the style which perhaps is only he works with you having discrepancies, do not expect that all people you like or do not want to expect all people like you, that is impossible, lets most people like is only is the successful performance. Then on the magnanimous spot, provides a Masiluo high rank the demand to give him.

         4. the work needs to do is concerned with the matter and not the individual. Or is heartless to the matter, must feel emotion to the human; Or is the human first, makes the matter next. The woman was easiest to the human not to want the special attention to matter this! The work place is complicated and diversified, does the matter to rest on principle, is the human changes a rule.

         5. study. Learns as long as one lives, is open-minded and so on to use for to describe the study. In the unpredictable work place, the knowledge which is conservative and complacent is eliminated very easily, what we need is one kind never ceases the study manner. And should better be to the person study.

         6. speech time remembers “us” commonly used the opening. This can let everybody feel this is a team, has team's spirit!

         7. has a good body. The exercise, the healthy diet maintains a good healthy condition frequently, can face the layered work, can have a good point of view to work the study.

8. do not stint your bravo. Every day suitable gives others to praise is the drive good method, praises their each achievement and the progress, because perhaps your praising, this day of sunlight also bright many. Must give the considerable appraisal at least to reduce the nonessential negative influence.

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