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In September the children health insurance merges in hospital medical insurance


        My city children health insurance merges in hospital health insurance from September, the municipal cooperative guarantees the bureau to hold the press conference to explain this new policy yesterday. The insured children and the university student will increase the general outpatient clinic treatment, namely looked that outpatient service and so on cold “slight illness” may also brush the health insurance card; The basic health insurance fund payment “seals the crest line” to enhance to the approximately 280,000 Yuan, and the place supplemented that the health insurance pays expenses the full 6 years not to suppose continuously seals the crest line; The fixed point Medical establishment expands from present 58 to 905.  

         Every year the children family gives 174 Yuan, government subsidy 200 Yuan

         At present the children health insurance insured population has more than 60 ten thousand, why can merge the present children health insurance in hospital health insurance? The municipal cooperative guaranteed bureau Assistant Commissioner Du Bin saying:“at present my city has integrated the medical insurance insured scope besides the children and university student's resident, may enjoy in hospital, the big sickness outpatient service and the general outpatient clinic treatment, the children health insurance treatment compares other resident's health insurance treatment to be low. Therefore, my city merges the children health insurance in hospital health insurance, simultaneously cancels the original children health insurance, in the insured family or individual burden increase under not many premises the large scale enhancement insured children and university student's health insurance treatment.”

        After the children health insurance merges in hospital health insurance, children's insured payment standard according to in hospital health insurance's stipulation execution, namely each month pays expenses the standard for the previous year in the hillock staff monthly mean wages 0.8% (including basic medical insurance and place supplement medical insurance), counts according to the present payment cardinal number 3894 Yuan, the whole year is 374 Yuan, financial each person subsidizes the standard also correspondingly to enhance every year, namely the every year subsidy 200 Yuan, such children individual must pay every year medical insurance premium approximately 174 Yuan. Along with every year I the city society average wages level's change, the payment cardinal number will have the corresponding adjustment.

       Insured children range extension

       According to the new policy, insured children range extension, is unable the children who provides this city birth control to prove also to be possible to participate in hospital health insurance, but this part of people cannot enjoy the fiscal subsidy, its medical insurance premium needs completely or the family pays by its individual. Take 2010 as the example, its must pay the medical insurance premium is 374 Yuan.  Du Bin introduced that the children health insurance merges in hospital health insurance to adopt the voluntary insured the principle, the insured crowd is: The full-time university student (including technical college), the full-time graduate student (hereafter refers to as university student), educates all preschool which, the elementary school, the junior middle school, the high school, the specialized middle school, the professional school and the vocational school by this city, hygienic, the civil administration, the work Support departments authorizes to set up (not including technical college section), the Special educational institution in the book children, non-this city household register children his/her parents any side should this city participate in social security and above full one year, the matriculation has not entered preschool or settles down not the reach 18 year-old this city household register youth in the suburban. Participated in the children who the family member plans the medical s

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