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China in 2011 the salary tendency very optimistic raising in salary scope will surpass 8%


        Some transnational management Consultant firm to carries on the salary investigation and study after the Chinese Foreign enterprises 153,000 staffs, to China 2011 salary tendency is very optimistic. Will unify their report of investigation and I to some example investigation, the following is to China in the future the employment tendency bold forecast: Next year the average raising in salary scope will surpass 8%.


         This digit was higher than last year. If unifies following 4th, company personnel manager will face a more tremendous pressure. If the raising in salary scope is inferior to the competitor company, the personnel rate of flow has the possibility to be able to be higher. 


         Beijing Shanghai more and more will import " the high tube ".

         This is because Beijing Shanghai's Gao Guan the price is getting higher and higher, had been already high India and Thailand, with Singapore, Hong Kong's distance getting smaller. If local could not find the performance-to-price ratio high administrative personnels in China, the enterprise will be glad from the overseas import " the high tube ".

         An urban outstanding person to two shifts 


        Two city's rising momenta more and more favor. Looked like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore's talented people to come mainland China to pan for gold in the past to be the same, in future several years, Shanghai and Beijing's outstanding person talented people must start to consider the mid-west developed the enterprise. Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Hefei, Xi'an are the good choices. Yesterday one American fund company China area Chief Sales Officer said to me, I only in Beijing and the Shanghai two city work and the life; Some time ago I also received one once to hold an office Bimawei investment to consult manager and the Trust company Gao Guan letter to the editor, complained that could not find the appropriate work in Tianjin. It is estimated that these two successful public figure's idea reverses rapidly at future several annual meetings.

        Yearly salary 500,000 above Gao Guanjiang implements the national unified price 

For convenience managerial talent's circulation, yearly salary 500,000 above Gao Guan, regardless in group's Dalian Subsidiary company or the Hefei Subsidiary company, the wage no longer will change along with the regional price difference. The salary brings fixedly the advantage is the flowing is more free. Gao Guan will the life style more and more " on the road ", where company have the need, where do I rush toward.

        Next year will change job the human will change many 

in 2009 changes job the artificial 12%,2010 years gather the profit group to forecast according to January to August data what are 18%., but observe according to me to the periphery 30 year-old above employment crowd, this data far not such high, look like the young people to be more active. Looked like several foreign enterprises divisional manager to me to say as if by prior agreement, to the monthly salary 20,000 Yuan following staff members, changes job the only principle which was raises in salary.

       The college is not be

       Junior college student's starting pay already continuously many years declined. This very big part of reasons are university undergraduate student quantity create excessively much, might incur the technical college originally the school record in abundance to enhance the threshold, was only open to the university undergraduate students, the technical college was born with receives discriminates. Recently "the First Finance and economics" the television station employment advertise program "Went to work This Matter" advertises for the house maid, four candidates to the salary request were 3000 Yuan. The junior middle school record's maid's starting pay, had been already high the university graduate, surpassed the technical college to be born with is a cinch.

        The worker salary will enhance further 

        The Fuji Kang event's will influence still continue. Next year the blue-collar worker will raise in salary the scope above 10%, the wage will surpass university graduate's starting pay far. Looked like the economical scholars saying that China " the population dividend " was getting more and more thin.


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