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“lazy ant effect” to enterprise talented person employment advertise enlightenment


       Origin: "Human resources management" magazine 

Advertises for the appropriate person is in the enterprise human resources management process the most core, the most important link, how gains suits the organization development the human resources to become more and more important. This article “the lazy ant effect” the phenomenon made the analysis taking advantage of the nature to provide the new angle of view for enterprise's talented person employment advertise.

       The success personnel advertise for regarding construct and maintain a successful organization system are very important. In organization's success and organization's person's quality is closely related, a research indicated that the high quality employee's achievements have achieved the average level 129% (Boyatzes,1999), therefore advertises for the appropriate person as well as the drive maximum limit and detains the appropriate person is in human resources management process the most core, the most important link. “the appropriate person” not raises, but elects. In view of the fact that advertises for the importance, how does this article “the lazy ant effect” the phenomenon study the enterprise from the nature to advertise for “the appropriate person”.

       What is “the lazy ant effect”

       Japan Hokkaido University evolution biology research team the black ant group activity which was composed of 30 ants has carried on the observation separately to three. Result discovery. The majority of ants very diligently seek for, transporting food, the minority ant actually all day to be idle, to look around, people this minority ant named “lazy ant”. What is interesting, when the biologist “the lazy ant” on the body does in these marks, and cuts off the ant group time food origin, these usually work the very diligent ant to display cannot find way out, but “the lazy ant” “bravely steps forward”, leads the numerous ants the new food source shift which already reconnoiters to them.

    Originally “the lazy ant” spent the majority of time in “the reconnaissance” and “the research” on. They can observe organization's weakness, simultaneously maintains to the new food exploration condition, thus the guarantee community obtains the new food origin unceasingly. This is so-called “the lazy ant effect”.

       In the phenomenon may see from “the lazy ant effect”, ant group success based on various: Reasonable division of labor and cooperation, each its long, each obviously its energy, but “lazy ant” obviously important. But regarding faced the intense market competition the enterprise, had “the lazy ant” the type staff to be also very important, this was in the organization constructed “the lazy ant effect”.

       Limits in the enterprise “the lazy ant” type talented person

       In talented person's selection with the disposition, needs the distinguishing clearly talented person's type and the characteristic, performs the reasonable utilization, causes them to locate correctly, knows and the enhancement unceasingly.

      In the enterprise, which staffs are belong to “the lazy ant” the type staff? US Cornell University's Professor Scott A. Snell in conducts the research to era of knowledge economy's strategic human resources management in the process, carries on the lamination classification to the talented person, divides into according to human capital's value and the particularity the enterprise internal human resources the core talented person, the unique talented person, the general talented person and the auxiliary talented person four kinds. In four kind of talented people, only then the core talented person is forms the enterprise core competencies the essential essential factor.

      Snell thought that the core talented person has the study and the innovation, adapts the market strategic ability human capital, the lazy ant's characteristic tallies with “the lazy ant effect”. This article thought that “the lazy ant” the type staff is equal to enterprise's core talented person. These “the lazy ant” the type staff can ponder that observe the market environment and the internal operation condition, jumps out the narrow field of vision, saw the enterprise future development direction and will make a long-term strategic plan. For instance, in enterprise's superintendents namely are having the lazy ant's function, on their body is having the lazy ant's spirit obviously. They study the question strategically, the instruction enterprise's direction, and knows the human to make good use.

      The enterprise must develop long-term, must be good at selecting “the lazy ant” the type research and development talented person, the market marketing talented person and the policy-making talented person. Like, “Qirui” the automobile is in recent years budding take the independent research and development as the core competitiveness in the field, but because “Qirui” the initial research and development secondary roles are other company eliminate “the lazy ant” - - more than 10 the original company to plan that abolishes the technology center, but the collective changes job engineer. At that time, some Car company craved in makes the processing assembly for the transnational automobile brand to obtain the short-term profit, technical personnel these looks that probably did not work “the lazy ant” not to take seriously even to eliminate. But the market actually again proved that the enterprise must develop long-term, must take “the lazy ant”, raises “the lazy ant”, in Qirui Corporation has more than 200 rese

      “lazy ant effect” to enterprise talented person employment advertise enlightenment

       (one) advertises for needs to insist that optimum matching

       lazy ant effect gives us such enlightenment: In an organization the division of labor must be reasonable, person suitable its matter, matter its person. This indicated that must come according to the post to elect the human reasonably, chooses a person for a job according to qualification, particularly to basic unit factor structures and so on manager's age, culture, ability, disposition must carry on the optimized disposition, by displays its biggest potency and the function fully. Therefore, the employment advertise needs to insist that the optimum matching principle, realizes the enterprise “the person hillock match”, then promotion enterprise's achievement and overall strength.

       True effective “the person hillock match” needs to experience at least: Knows the hillock, the knowledge person, to match three inchworms. Knows the hillock most foundation is also the most important tool is the work analysis. In the business management and in the consultation practice, mentions “the competent quality” through front to know the human, helps the enterprise realizes “the person hillock match” best effective tool. Finally is knows the human to make good use, places in the suitable position the talented person.

       (two) “the lazy ant” the type staff advertises for

       based on the quality model 

The quality is actuates a person to have the outstanding work achievements each kind of individuality characteristic set, including knowledge, skill, individuality and drive and so on. According to “lazy ant effect” phenomenon, to guarantee that the enterprise strategy goal realization, the enterprise must advertise for these to be able to help the enterprise to achieve, when the time as well as the long-term strategic intention have the high quality person. Based on this, the enterprise tradition carried on “based on candidate's knowledge skill as well as the experience background” advertises for the retort to elect already not to be able to satisfy the enterprise to obtain continues the competitive power, simultaneously attracted and develops “the lazy ant” the type staff's request. The enterprise uses traditional the employment advertise way, although designs all sorts of questions in the employment advertise interview, arranges all sorts of inspections, but succeeds as if is always actually unattainable.

        Selects with the traditional employment advertise compares, selects based on the quality model's employment advertise has the obvious superiority. Selects based on the quality model's employment advertise, besides uses the working standard which and the skill request decides carries on the appraisal to the candidate, but must have based on the candidate the quality will implement the employment advertise to its future achievements' direction function to select. This kind selects based on the quality employment advertise enterprise's strategy, the operation objectives, the work and relates personally, while follows the effective employment advertise to select the decision-making procedure, improved the quality which the employment advertise selects. At the same time, the entire employment advertise selects take the enterprise strategy frame as a foundation, also caused these to succeed continually to the enterprise the most important personnel and the quality obtains has taken seriously with to strengthen.

        The enterprise implements based on the quality employment advertise may follow four steps approximately:

        First, the definite enterprise's employment advertise selects the personnel demand. The employment advertise demand is generally plans based on enterprise's strategic talented people, when the enterprise existing post needs to increase the personnel or have increased the new operating post, because when the enterprise is transferred to another post the personnel who, leaves job causes to place, or because, when the enterprise the non-recurring item or the special assignment bring personnel demand and so on.

        Second step is the definition treats the quality request which the responding to a call for recruits personnel need. After determining the personnel demand, the enterprise must treat the employment advertise post explicitly the key specialized ability quality and the general ability quality request, for the specific position limits ability quality request rank, for example, some department manager post's general ability quality “drove that the subordinate” is 1 level, specialized ability quality “accounting professional ability” for instruction level.

       Third step is the channel which the choice carries on selects and advertises. Advertises for the channel to divide into the exterior employment advertise and the interior generally advertises for two kinds. The outside is mainly the choice appropriate media or recruits the Facilitating agency, the internal employment advertise channel is mainly in the enterprise interior issue duty vacancy information, implements the internal staff to compete hires or the operating post takes turns and so on.

        Finally, the implementation employment advertise retort elects. In the concrete implementation employment advertise retort elects in process, what usually uses is “the behavior interview” method. Is the behavioral side test like “when this matter occurs through a series of questions?”“how did you at that time were ponder?”“what measure did you take to solve this problem for this reason?”And so on, collects candidate's in representative event concrete behaviors and the psychological activity detailed information. To formerly worked based on the candidate event's description and the interview person's inquiry and presses, appraises the responding to a call for recruits personnel using the quality model, in former works the quality which displays, and will extrapolate it by this in the future work behavior performance.



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