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High school record staff's management skill

        In the era of knowledge economy, the focal point which between the enterprise competes is getting more and more centralized in the knowledge, in the technical contest. The knowledge carrier is the human, the knowledge inventor is the human, the knowledge creation, uses, the increment reasonable disposition, must depend on the knowledge finally the carrier, the knowledge staff realizes. The majority knowledge staffs are enterprise's high school record talented people, and they are establish the enterprise competitive advantage the most important resources.  But how to manage these rich abilities and wisdom, but the individuality prominent person, has often become the current business management the new task. Hua Hengzhi the letter also meets many enterprises in the former work to consult the high school record staff's management question, in solved in this question process we to accumulate some achievements and the experience, summarized in this with everybody share:

        (1) must calm down, must listen to

        A high school record white-collar staff is not possibly quicker than in the recognition fit and unfit quality the blue-collar worker, but, once they looked, they said was very heartless, manager must follow the maxim was: Does not put on airs 11 must be able to calm down, must listen, listens modestly.

        (2) as far as possible many for praises

        An outstanding manager should maintain subordinate's benefit, namely: When wrong evidence insufficiency must suppose them is good; As far as possible gives the table field; Had the mistake, even if the responsibility also undertakes not completely in oneself by oneself, the high school record staff believed not easily to the thing, very little worships the psychology.

        (3) must dare and be good at criticizing

        Did not need saying that manager must be good at praising the subordinate. But, carries on the suitable criticism to these arrogant people, is a difficulty bigger work. Criticizes the high school record staff to successfully contain three meanings: First, you can do well. In fact, some work, you already did very well. I only am hoped that you can do similarly other work splendidly. Second, to your colleague, I also weighs by the similar standard. Last, to me, also hoped that you and other people request by these standards. 

when (does 4) grasp must keep promises

         In the majority high school record talented people converge in the enterprise, the latitude is generally high, but issues a decree the conduct to suffer the human directly to be repugnant. For all this, also will sometimes appear is unable to speak the democracy again time. Must make a decision, throws the ticket is impossible to have the same level component, by now should keep promises.

        (5) facilitates offering advice honorable atmosphere

         How can the high school record staff do regarding the manager the work a better this question often to have many ideas. The new idea and the complaint present situation are often promiscuous in the same place. Manager must adapt this point. After receiving these ideas, no matter is good is bad, certainly must tell the offering advice person opinion already to receive. In fact, this kind of offering advice continuously, strengthened the vigor and the renewal to the company is essential.

        if can grasp above each spot, believed that your enterprise will have more intelligence resources, will have a more formidable cohesive force. In addition, the enterprise must unify the enterprise and staff's goal effectively, causes the high school record staff while to realize business goal to achieve own goal. Therefore, the superintendent must carry on the full communication, understood that their true interest spot, not only through promotes to realize their value to the leadership post, should consider that through the specialized promotion and the position promotion dual professional way's methods, satisfies the different values the need. In summary, Our country Enterprise needs certainly to work hard in the high school record staff's management, stimulates their potential by any means possible, arouses their work enthusiasm and the initiative, can strengthen enterprise's strength, thus is in an impregnable position in the competition.



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