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 No.:60 Position:Planning director
Company: A plan company
For bonus: ¥Discussed(万) Current Location: Xiamen
Work experience: More than 3 years
30 years old
Gender: 不限
Current position: Post responsibility

1. carries on the brand year plan drafting, carries on the brand strategy plan drafting, acts as the business planning core plan function

2. to have the good writing writing ability, the fashion realizes strongly, has creativity designed capacity

3. familiar market sale various links, has the marketing campaign plan, to promote and propagandizes

4. to have the good communication ability and team spirit

5. has accepted aspect and so on advertisement plan, market marketing, public relation training, has keen market power of observation
6. basis company marketing strategy, carries on the market to investigate and study and to analyze and works out the market plan, the organization is coordinated each item of market introduction to move
The position requests

1, the advertisement journalism, the advertisement public relations, the market marketing and so on related specialty, the undergraduate course above school record.above

2, 4 years the brand business planning promotion is employed the experience, has the strong market marketing promotion, operation plan ability.

3, communication ability, has the good negotiations analysis ability.

4, professional, specialized, professional; Desire to do better, sense of responsibility, the organization carries out strength, has team management ability, can coordinate and the reassignment entire team's work enthusiasm.

5. Can withstand the high strength work challenge and the pressure.

Contact: 庄先生
E-mail: zhaopin@weshr.cn