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 No.:62 Position:Product manager Salary:¥无
Company: Some well-known movement thin
For bonus: ¥Discussed(万) Current Location: Shanghai
Work experience: 2 years above
Current position: Basic skill and quality:
1, is in itself the travel amateur, understands the customer to the travel expense psychology;
2, to the product line under the sale performance, the popular color, the fashion trend, the design model has suitable sensitivity
3, the understanding travel walking shoe, to walk the shoes market distribution condition and the manufacture resources distribution condition, and has certain personal connection network relations with these industries;
4, has certain investment idea and the concept, the stock turnover idea and the concept, can demands the purchase operation to the brand and the consumer to have relative familiar
5, to have the market result guidance capability, the approval union, the responsibility manner, can complete the time management by objectives, does not find the excuse; The individuality demand comparison perspective, has the good interpersonal communication ability, good integrates the team, can affect ability which the team goal result achieves diligently
Work responsibility:
1, the analysis profession trend, the market demand and the product locate
2, the analysis series competitor condition, the collection competitor material and carry on the product analysis, the selling well design and the condition analyze
3, to unify the market information with own condition, the formulation product line structure drawing (contain promoted design, to walk quantity funds, vivid funds and so on)
4, to be able with the development unit cooperation, supplies the product data picture, the product information, assists to complete product development
Contact: 庄先生
E-mail: zhaopin@weshr.cn