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 No.:64 Position:Chemical senior business manag
Company: A famous corporation
For bonus: ¥Discussed(万) Current Location: In xiamen, guangzhou
Work experience: 5
30 to 45
Gender: 不限
Current position: Basic skill and quality:
1, familiar chemical industry trade operation flow, purchase flow;
2, has the strong service development ability and client management ability;
3, has the strong analysis ability, the organization coordinated, interpersonal communication ability;
4, has the strong team management ability;
5, grasps the foundation the trade class legal knowledge, the financial knowledge.
Work responsibility:
is responsible to develop and the management customer, to develop the market, the arrangement large amount product of chemical industry purchase and the sale, the control operation flow, the management service team, carries on the risk control, guaranteed that completes each task which the company issues
training experience large amount trade purchase or the sale train disposition and work the style request: Strives for improvement, has the development and the innovative spirit, the honest and upright work style, loyal reliable
Contact: 庄先生
E-mail: zhaopin@weshr.cn