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 No.:68 Position:Advanced drawing engineer
Company: A software company
For bonus: ¥Discussed(万) Current Location: Xiamen
Work experience: 3
Twenty years old
Gender: 不限
Current position: Post responsibility:
1, the understanding, appraise and receive the related demand, the production task documents;information and so on
2, basis demand, production project description, are responsible for or the participation map production plan of construction design and work out the construction plan;
3, follows the company map production flow, is responsible for the map related production construction, the management;
4, is responsible for each kind of risk which appraises the project to realize possibly occurs, and adopts the measure circumvention technological risks effectively;
5, is responsible to confirm the data product the quality, satisfies the application request;
6, the responsible map product fords the dense management;
7, is responsible for the related 3S new trend, new technical, the new product investigation and study.
Assignment qualifications
1, has the strong communication, analysis ability and solves the question ability, as well as strong German documents composition ability.
2, masters each kind of coordinate system's knowledge, understands between the different coordinate system's transformation relations, and can carry on the transformation operation using the tool;
3, the familiar map making, the 3S technology and so on related domain knowledge, and grasps the 4D product the production processing and the application;
4, grasps ArcGIS, GeoWAy, CorelDraw, Erdas, CAD and so on specialized map production software application;mainstream graphic processing software applications and so on
5, familiar PhotoShop;
Contact: 庄先生
E-mail: zhaopin@weshr.cn